Following his presentation at the North Texas Crime Commission, Texas Congressman Pete Sessions, pictured on right, was presented with a copy of Leadership at the Front Line by author James L. Capra

•109th Tactical Air Group, NYANG
•Military Intelligence Officer, 902nd MI Battallion, USAR
•142 Combat Aviation Battalion, NYARNG
•Hospital Corpsman, USN
•Special Agent Drug Enforcement Administration


James Leading at the Front Line

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Book Information:  Leadership at the Front Line can be found at www.Lulu.com; www.amazon.com  and is available in hard copy, paperback and e-book format.  

​​"Being a good manager or a supervisor does not automatically equate to being a good leader.  There are very good managers and supervisors who are effective at just that...management.  

Management is nothing more than putting people and resources to work in an efficient way. That being said, retired US Navy Admiral Grace Hopper stated that "you manage things - you lead people."  So it takes more than good managerial or supervisory skills to be an effective and competent leader.  Leadership, especially effective leadership, takes doing; it requires one to be in the arena experiencing."

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